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1. The subject of the contract
1.1. The lessor is obliged to transfer to the Lessee for rent (lease) apartment for temporary residence specified by the Lessee persons (hereinafter - Residents).
1.2. Date of arrival/departure shall be agreed with the tenant.
1.3. The price per day is set on the price list or the agreement.
2. Liabilities, for which the parties are responsible
2.1.The lessor responsible for what has the full legal right to change the apartment for rent, apartment is free from any claims and any rights of third persons, with regard to the rights of apartment owners, for defects of the Apartment and hotels, on which the Lessee does not know and should not have known until the conclusion of the Contract.
2.2.The tenant responsible for compliance with the conditions of their stay in the Apartment, for the damage caused to the Apartment and the other received from the Lessor things (including to the persons, committed in the Apartment of the Tenant and/or Residing there persons), for the damage caused to the neighbors. When signing the agreement and/or paying for the account of (fully or partially), the Lessee agrees that bears full responsibility for non-observance of rules of operation of the property and equipment in the apartment with view of the requirements of p. 5.2.4.
3. Accommodation in apartment
3.1. In Apartment can accommodate no more than ________persons, from the number indicated in the invoice for payment of accommodation and/or other documents, which are appendixes to the present agreement.
3.2.Repair‚ and other integral change of the Apartment is done only with written consent of the Lessor or real estate agencies in Novosibirsk depositing apartment for rent.
3.3.With an apartment allowed Pets.
3.4.The apartment can be used by the to live and work in the home.
3.5.Use apartment must not violate the rights and legitimate interests of neighbors.
3.6.Š’ the rest, the use of the apartment, the property, equipment and communications shall be conducted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and rules.
4. The order of payment for the rental and maintenance costs of the apartments in the period of the lease
4.1. The lessee prior to arrival on the account of the Lessor shall transfer the full payment or an advance payment for the agreed period. In the future, the rent shall be paid to the account of the Lessor in advance monthly not later than 7 calendar days prior to the beginning of unpaid period. When desire of Lessee to extend the lease of the apartment, he is obliged to inform the Lessor in advance. The fact of the invoice means the presence of the Lessor's ability to provide for rent specified in item 1.1. hotel in the apartment. The extension of stay may be refused, if the period of the extension booked by other client. In the event that the Lessee will change the date of arrival to a later date or date of departure for earlier, Tenant pays Lessor the penalty in the amount of lost profits, or any other amount established by the agreement of the Parties. In case of refusal by the Tenant of the apartment lease, cash, listed in the form of advance payment, be returned to the Lessor within three working days, less the value of the residence for two days, or in any other amount established by the agreement of the Parties. In this case, the General validity term of the contract (period of actual lease) less than a month, shall recalculate the prices on the current in case of short-term rent tables of prices.
4.2. The daily period of residence is set to 14.00 Moscow time (GMT).
4.3. In case, if the Lessee declared a desire to use the apartment until 14.00 the day of commencement of the lease and after 14.00 the day of the end of the lease, it shall make the additional payment in the amount of 0.5 of the cost of accommodation for one day for each of the above circumstances. Upon arrival to 07.00 MBC or check-out after 21.00 Moscow time shall be considered the additional day.
4.4. By the decision of the Lessor the introduction of Living is performed after the introduction of the collateral in full or partial ensuring the security of all and property. In the case of the Tenant(Residing) in living conditions and their obligations, the Deposit is returned at the time of apartments for rent Novosibirsk and property of the Tenant (Residing).
4.5. If the Lessee (Residing) does not fulfil the conditions of residence or one of its obligations, the Deposit (or part of it) is used for compensation of the damage caused by the Tenant (Residing) the Lessor (including in connection with the obligations of the Lessor for the preservation of the apartments, etc.) With the lack of Deposit amount the Lessee (Resident/s) make additional compensation to the size of the full damage, including the payment for the work on the restoration of the initial status of an apartment for less normal wear and tear (depreciation).
4.6. The lessee (Residing) separately pays for negotiations and other debts of the Lessee, accrued 'at the phone number' in the period of the stay (except for the monthly subscription fee).
4.7. Use of electricity paid by the Lessor.
4.8. Public utilities and other obligatory payments paid by the Lessor.
4.9. Cleaning the apartment and change of bed linen and towels by the Lessor in accordance with the invoice for payment of the stay.
5. The rights and obligations of the parties
5.1. The lessor is obliged:
5.1.1.Send the Lessee is suitable for living in apartments for rent in Novosibirsk in the day and hour indicated in the invoice for payment of accommodation,in accordance with it and the present agreement;
5.1.2. Provide the Lessee with equivalent or better quality apartment or a return to the Lessee double the amount of the cost of accommodation for one night in case, if the Lessor fails to furnish the apartment;
5.1.3. To carry out the cleaning of the apartment and change of towels in accordance with the provisions specified in the invoice for payment of their stay. The time of harvest is consistent with the Residents;
5.1.4. To carry out replacement of linen in accordance with the provisions specified in the invoice for payment of residence;
5.1.5. Send sets of keys to the apartment at the time of settling in the apartment;
5.1.6. Eliminate all arising through no fault of the Tenant (Living) problems in the apartment, contain the premises and the equipment in working condition and to take the necessary measures for the elimination of their shortcomings.
5.2. The lessee is obliged:
5.2.1.Accept the Lessor is suitable for living an apartment on the day and hour specified in the invoice for payment of accommodation, in accordance with it and the present agreement, to abide by the conditions of residence in the apartment, provide Lessor the possibility of inspection of the apartment, to notify the Lessor to leave the apartment without supervision for a term of more than two days, on termination of the Contract of return to the Lessor the rent and the other received from him the things in the the state of, in which they were received, taking into account normal wear and tear;
5.2.2. Fully reimburse the Lessor the cost of repair apartment and provided to a Lessee(Residing) in the use of equipment, in case, if the need for such repairs occurs through the fault of the Tenant (Living); If the damage caused to the apartment, interfere with its normal operation, compensation includes lost profits for the period of forced outage. Compensation shall be paid on demand of the Lessor, unless the Lessee there is no valid objection against the claims of the Lessor.
5.2.3. Give to the Lessor the rent and received property day and hour indicated in the invoice for payment of accommodation, and in accordance with this agreement;
5.2.4. Immediately inform the Lessor and/or the services (utilities, law enforcement, firefighters, etc.) in case of any malfunctions, accidents, or the threat of their occurrence in the apartment.
5.3. The parties are obliged to transmit the apartment and other things only on the basis of written documents (the contract, acts, etc.), to make calculations in accordance with this contract and the normative acts in force, to perform other actions, it is obviously necessary for the execution of the contract. All invoices for payment of the stay, acts and acknowledgement of receipt/transfer are an integral part of this agreement.
5.4. In case of violation of item.5.1.1, item.5.1.2. and item.5.2.3. the guilty party shall pay to the other side of the penalty for each day of delay.
5.5. In case of violation of item.5.2.1. The lessee pays the penalty at a rate of cost of one night stay.
5.6. The lessee (Living) can order additional cleaning and change of linen in the apartment for a fee upon agreement with the Lessor.
5.7. All additional services that are not specified explicitly in the contract, are provided for a fee upon agreement with the Lessor.
5.8. The lessor has the right visit apartment for cleaning, check the order of its use and status a preliminary agreement with the Tenant (Residing) the date and time of not less than 2 hours before the time of the expected visit. In exceptional cases requiring immediate intervention, the Lessor reserves the right to visit the apartment without prior agreement with the Lessee (Residing).
5.9. The lessor warrants that provides the maximum possible control over the honesty and integrity of the service the staff. The lessor not be liable for circumstances outside its reasonable control, including the property of the Tenant (Living), which is located in the apartment, as well as for the damage to the health caused by Living due to of violations of the established rules and regulations.
6. Other conditions
6.1.Contract shall enter into force from the moment of its signing by the Parties..
6.2. Documents, which are annexed to the present contract and transmitted by means of Fax messages, have legal force until the moment of transfer of the originals.
6.3. The relations between the Parties not regulated by the Contract, apply the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
   Agreement may be amended by the parties at its sole discretion.